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We review two kinds of Christian dating services: the totally FREE Christian dating service tends to be smaller with fewer features. The Christian dating services with FREE trial memberships tend to have way more members, better customer service, and a much better Christian dating service database systems. God can use both of these kinds of Christian dating sites to bless you! Most Christian dating services tend to charge a small monthly fee. God expects a lot more from you than a small monthly fee. Faith, prayer and a patient determination to actively write to as many single Christians as possible can bring Christian dating success! Give God time to work. We encourage you to try each Christian dating service reviewed for at least 3 to 9 months.

Christian culture has come a long way since the puritan days of our founding fathers. Just the very concept of a single puritan Christian using an online Christian dating service would absolutely blow the minds of Christians in colonial days where even a strict Christian courtship was sometimes frowned upon.

Culture changes, technology changes, but the one thing that never ever changes is God’s Word and the love of God for His children! In his farewell address to the puritans embarking on their Mayflower journey to America, Mr. Robinson said “I charge you before God, that you follow me no farther than you have seen me follow the Lord Jesus Christ.”

With decades of accumulated wisdom and experience, our editorial staff would like to echo the words of Mr. Robinson quoted above. To single Christians looking for the Christian dating service that is right for them we say: “We charge you before God, that you follow the reviews and recommendations at no farther than you have seen us follow the Lord Jesus Christ.” If anything published on this website does not measure up to the Holy Word of God, do not even consider it!

There are thousands of online dating services. We are here to help you choose the Christian dating service that is right for you. We are also here to help you get the most out of online Christian dating. We define “Actively Dating,” as actively writing to as many single Christians as you can, given your limited time. Maintaining a good attitude and spirit of fun/adventure can make a huge difference. Now say to yourself, At the very least I will make some new friends. At the very most God will lead me straight to the love of my life.

Sure, creating a profile at one or more of the top Christian dating services is a step of faith. In fact it is a BIG STEP OF FAITH if you have been hurt or disappointed in past relationships. Or if you have never even been on a so-called “real” date before. The wonderful thing about our loving Heavenly Father is that He takes us right where we are and He gently nudges us like sheep into the direction He wants us to go. For many of you just creating a profile will not get you anywhere. Make it a habit to search the profiles of others and actively write to as many as you can. Remember “Actively dating,” means actively writing to as many Christian singles as you can.

Has the stigma or embarrassment or shame surrounding the use of online dating services all but disappeared from many Christian communities? We think so. The Internet has become so ubiquitous since the fragile dot-com boom then bust then boom again. Two of our editors can vividly remember back in the mid to late 1990’s when many single Christians were secretly trying online Christian dating services. Many would laugh now at the great pains taken back then to keep it a secret from their friends at Church. “They (her friends at church) might think that I’m, well you know, desperate,” said one single Christian female when interviewed back in 1998. It turns out that about three months later she discovered that five of her eight friends in the singles Sunday school class at her church had joined the same online dating service. How funny our fears can be at times! Yes, even the news media treated online dating as a strange new phenomenon. Now it is as mainstream as Starbucks coffee shops only there are way more dating services than there are Starbucks.

So how do you choose the Christian dating service that is right for you? And what about “attraction, chemistry, or just plain clicking together?” Well, obviously we can not help you decide if you are attracted to someone. But we can certainly help you find Christian singles to meet:

Step one: Pray! Pray for wisdom! Pray for God’s perfect will. Read James 1:5

Step two: read all our Christian Dating Service reviews (or at least skim through them, after all we have tried to give you possibly more information than you may even want to know).

Step three: Make a promise to yourself to try at least one of the three top-rated Christian dating services for at least one month* of ACTIVELY SEARCHING, WRITING, PRAYING, AND CARING ABOUT THE BROTHERS OR SISTERS IN CHRIST THAT YOU ENCOUNTER…

Step four: In order that you can refer back to this website: please click to BOOKMARK this page in your web-browser under Favorites... so that you can return after 1 month to take the Christian Singles Survey at this Actively Dating, Meet Christian Singles for Dating website. After all, YOUR OPINION COUNTS and really helps others to benefit from your experience.

All of the top-rated sites offer a FREE trial membership. So if you have the time to do so, you should first try out each of these websites to see which search-system you like the best. Then promise yourself to try it diligently for at least one month. To get the most out of Christian dating it might be best to sign up for one month at one of these three TOP RATED CHRISTIAN DATING SITES: ChristianCafe, Singles Christian Network, or Singles of Faith.

Plus also sign up at eHarmony only if you are the kind of person who needs or wants eHarmony to do the searching and matching work for you ... in other words a very scientific approach, plus you also get a FREE personality profile at eHarmony.

Having the two dating services you chose is the best of both worlds. You can be actively searching and writing to singles at one of these ChristianCafe, Singles Christian Network, or Singles of Faith...while you passively wait for eHarmony to send you matches (which can sometimes take a while). Then be sure to actively write to each and everyone of the matches that eHarmony sends you. Because you never know which of the matches may very well be the love of your life!

Remember persistence pays! The key is to not let emotions or discouragement break the good habit you develop: actively searching profiles and writing to as many as you can each day or each week or whatever interval you use. Pray for persistence, patience and plenty of profiles to respond to!


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