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5 Ways to Keep Christ In the Center of Your Christian Dating Relationship!

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Beloved single Christians, please feel free to follow our Christian dating service reviews and Christian dating advice. But don't just take our word for it. Pray about it. Take a step of faith. Try the top Christian dating services and personals sites, offering FREE trial memberships for Christian singles. Then please remember to return here after a month to help other Christian singles like you. Single Christians can write their own Christian dating reviews, or just take a moment to vote based on these five things:

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Christian Dating Sites

Each Online Christian Dating Service reviewed by single Christians offers free trial memberships, detailed search, and the ability for Christian Singles to add photos to their Christian personals ads:

Singles has about 150,000* members and is owned by a fine Christian company called, Inc. in Markham, Ontario.
Click for more Christian Dating details & a FREE trial membership for Single Christians, who love Jesus!

Singles has closed the Singles Christian Network and now sends all Christian singles to here!

Personals and .org claims about 100,000* single Christian members and Singles Of Faith is owned by a dynamic Christian man named Mike McCartney who founded Singles Of Faith in 2002. Christian Singles, click here for more Christian Dating Service details & your FREE trial membership!

Dating Service has about 7 million* members, however, not all of them are Christians since they also advertise to non-Christians via print, radio and TV. Founded by a fine Christian author/psychologist named Dr. Neal Clark Warren who designed the 29 points of compatability matchmaking system, eHarmony is headquartered in Pasadena, California. Click for more Christian Dating Service details & your FREE trial membership, plus a FREE personality profile to guide you in your choice of compatable single Christians.

* Note: that these estimates of membership size vary

** Note: site ownership based on domain register

Singles We highly recommend these Christian Singles and Christian Dating websites rated 4.5 to 5 stars for the five requirements listed below:

1. Privacy/Safety - based on privacy of customer information and also reliability of anonymous e-mail forwarding, (Chat and Instant Messaging is not considered since we recommend not relying on chat or IM to find a mate. A prayerful and careful, detailed search is best.)

2. Christian Content - based on number of quality Christian profiles found, posted prayers, statement of faith, Christian links, Christ-like, cheerful and prompt customer service help.

3. Website Speed - based on how fast pages load and database search speed, also speed of anonymous e-mail forwarding.

4. Search Selection - based on size and demographics of database.

5. Search Options - based on how detailed a search can be conducted.

Christian Personals Free Christian Personals site of the Month: (Read our good review!)

Whether you are an "actively dating "* single Christian, or just want to find a reliable Online Christian Dating Service to Meet Christian Singles, this is the place for you to start your Christian Dating success story!

*We define " actively dating " as diligently searching a dating service to find Christian singles for Christian dating. Actively writing to them instead of just passively waiting for someone to answer your Christian Personals Ad. If you are not currently dating anyone then let's get started! Pray for God's best. He won't let you down when it comes to Dating or anything else in your life! God is the best Matchmaker there is, period.

Enjoy this easy, 3-Step process to Find the Very Best Free trial membership for you to Meet Christian Singles on the Internet for Christian Dating and Matchmaking!

Since 1999 our great satisfaction has come in helping thousands of single Christians who love the Lord. We simplify the process of finding the very best websites to meet other single Christians. To help you and other singles meet each other for dating, matchmaking, fellowship and companionship, we designed this easy 3-step process to review the very best places online to meet for actively dating single Christians:

Step-1 In order that you can refer back to this page: please BOOKMARK this page in your web-browser under Favorites... so that you can return after 1 month to take the Christian Singles Survey!

Step-2 Please mark your calendar to return to this page after one month to review the Dating Service that you decided to try. That's right, after trying a one month membership, all Christian singles will have a chance to post their opinions and help single Christians determine which single Christians dating services are right for them...

Step-3 For your FREE trial membership, please read the reviews of each Christian Dating Service LISTED ABOVE. If you are new to computers and the Internet, it is recommended that you try only one Christian Dating Service at a time. However, if you have the time and expertise to try several single Christians dating services and share your comparisons with others, well then, thank you so very, very much for helping other single Christians by filling out the Christian Singles Survey after trying an Online Christian Dating Service for at least one month. God bless you!

Help other single Christians by helping yourself to our Christian Dating Directory

Help other single Christians! Express your opinion. This Christian Dating Directory of dating service sites is a great place for all Christian singles to write reviews or vote 1 to 5 stars for their favourite Christian dating sites. Please make sure that you have actually used a site for at least 1 month before expressing your opinion. Dating sites are broken down into Christian-owned or Non-Christian owned. Enjoy dating!

Be sure to read our article on Christian Dating safety along with the Christian Dating Service Reviews by single Christians:

Click Christian Dating and please, beloved single Christians, as Jesus said when he sent out his diciples, “...Be as shrewd as serpents and as innocent as doves.” Matthew 10:16 (NIV version)

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“Wow, blessings on all of you @ your meet christian singles .com ...Now I found my soulmate. Thanks so much fo all the great reviews you do on the very best singles christian single dating sites. Luv in Christ,”
Annie T., Denver,CO

“At first I thought I was doing something wrong when I tried to LOGON, but now I think this is one of the best ideas for a Christian singles and dating website to help us single Christians out. Not only did the reviews by your editors point me to the right christian matchmaker site; I also enjoyed the feeling of getting to submit my own review of Christian Singles Cafe to help other singles just as much as you all helped me.”
-Ed in Austin, Texas

“Decisions, decisions. And my how your Website made me consider the right things to choose the dating sites that's right for me. Actually I tried
three of them to start with. Then after the 3 freeby tryouts for 10 days I kinda stuck with eharmony since they do all the matching for me, which I like. I am kinda lazy see.
Thanks oodles,” Roberto, NY City

“A special note of thanks for showing us the right places to meet single Christians among the gazillion singles dating sites out there. Now Mike and I are engaged. Turns out we both read your reviews. We both liked The Singles Christian Network. We both came back to your site to vote 5 stars for Singles (or Single) Christians Network. Then a few weeks later, I met Mike. Soon to be a single Christian no more! Thanks from”
Sharon S. in Hawaii

Many thanks to all of you at Meet Christian Singles dot com!
David R. in Chicago

“Broken hearted twice by dating guys I met online. I almost gave up. Then came the Christian singles I met through your Christian dating reviews all about CCafe and Singles Christian Net. I'm so glad I gave my true Christian dating search over to the Lord without totally giving up on online dating services. At least not the ones owned by Christians like those two I tried. I was also going to try eHarmony, but they need to change their name to eHardmoney Christian Dating Service. Who can afford the $49 a month? Certainly not us poor working folks. Maybe eHarmony is probably worth $49 a month for rich single Christians.”
Terry R., L.A. Calif.

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